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If there are hidden issues with the home you're selling or thinking about buying, our certified home inspector will find them. Turn to Always Inspection Inc. for expert home inspection services in the Fort Myers, Florida area.

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    Home Inspections

    Surprises are nice, unless they involve the home you just purchased. Trust a certified home inspector at Always Inspection Inc.

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    Home Watch

    Stop stressing about the condition of your home while you're away. Our experts can inspect your home from top to bottom every ten days to make sure it remains in pristine condition.

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    Mold Inspections

    If the mold in your home is left unchecked, it can cause structural damage and create an unhealthy environment. 

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    Four Point Inspection

    When you own or purchase an older home, rental property, or condo in Florida, you will likely need for a 4-point inspection before purchasing a homeowners policy. 


Looking for a reliable home inspector?

Always Inspection specializes in vacation property service and Home Inspection services in Fort Myers, Florida and surrounding areas. Our customers appreciate the work we do because:

  • We have over 10 years of home inspection experience
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We offer mold inspection services
  • We provide home watch services

Contact us today to speak with a certified mold inspector and arrange for Mold Inspection services.